Important Eye Safety Tips For a Safe Diwali

Diwali is here and we are excited to watch and burst firecrackers. All age groups, from Adults to kids, enjoy the sounds and lights of firecrackers. While this enjoyment comes once a year, having a safe Diwali is of utmost importance. Most importantly, you need to learn about eye safety as eyes are highly vulnerable to the potential risks of firecrackers. In this article, we give you top eye safety guidelines to have a safe Diwali.

Below are the top eye safety precautions to be taken to have a safe Deepavali.

Tips for Safe Diwali celebration for childrens

  1. Teach children about responsibility and mindful use of firecrackers.
  2. Opt for child friendly, low intensity, quiter firework instead of intense firecrackers.
  3. Supervise closely during firecrackers activities to prevent unsafe practices.
  4. Teach children importance of keeping distance from well lit fireworks.

Tips for Safe Diwali celebration for all ages

1. Use right protective eye wear

The smoke and the sparks from the firecrackers have the potential to move in any direction. This poses a potential risk to your eyes. To have a safe Deepavali, do protect your eyes from the sparks by making use of protective eyeglasses. The eyeglasses should be of high quality and should provide ample coverage to your eyes from all the angles 360*.

2. Designate a well lit and safe watching area

Designate safe watching area before you Spark any fire cracker. The firecrackers can burst in any direction. Not only you, the neighbouring families may ignite intensive firecracker. To protect from any mishap when you are not attentive enough, watch the firecrackers from the right place.

3. Avoid DIY firecrackers

Making a Firecrackers is not same as cooking any dish for fun. The bursting chemicals in fireworks isn’t everyones cup of tea. So make sure you don’t indulge in preparing your own firework and use only the branded company made firework.

Despite all the efforts and safety precautions, accidents can happen. On such moments, its important to react mindfully and promptly to reduce the severity of the impact. The first aid kit plays a vital role here. We list of down some must have things in your kit below.

First aid kit for Safe diwali celebration

  1. A pair of gloves
  2. Sterile dressings
  3. Adhesive tape to secure the dressing
  4. Clean water for eye wash in case of eye injury
  5. Emergency contact information
  6. Burn ointment


The eyes are a precious organ of the human body. It’s your responsibility to take care of them. Diwali being an important festival in the Indian calendar also become one of the event when eye injuries happens due to firecrackers. So, please be careful and preserve your eyes. Because, If you have a Better Sight, then you will live a Better Life.

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